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The trick to spending two nights in Paradores for very little money

The trick to spending two nights in Paradores for very little money

We tell you several tips to stay in the most luxurious Paradores with a ‘low cost’ rate.

The cheapest Paradores in Spain (with prices you can’t even imagine)

With almost a hundred accommodations, Paradores has been serving the most demanding travelers for 95 years, offering luxury accommodation and gastronomy, promoting the best image of Spain, protecting historical and cultural heritage, and promoting the local economy and care for the environment. . If you have not yet been lucky enough to enjoy this network of hotel establishments, we will tell you how you can do so at a ‘low cost’ price, taking into account their quality. And it is possible Enjoy two nights of accommodation with breakfast included in Paradores for less than 275 euros. If you need any suggestions or want to know the 10 best Paradores in Spain, you can discover them here.

From the Parador in Santiago de Compostela (the oldest hotel in Spain) to the one in Mazagón (in the heart of Doñana), and passing through the one in Plasencia, Paradores offers a unique combination of history, heritage, stunning architecture and modern amenitieswhich makes the experience something very special for those looking for a stay beyond the conventional.

And, as expected, staying in these exclusive accommodations is not affordable for everyone. Or if? If you have looked at the official rates set by Paradores in each of their establishments and you think that you cannot afford them, it is time for you to know these tricks to save you a few euros and discover what luxury is for less than you imagine.

If you are thinking of staying at Paradores and want to get the best deal, here are a few tips that can help you:

Friends of Paradores: Becoming a member of this club is free and, in addition, you can benefit from numerous offers. Between them, 5% discount on the Parador rate, every day of the week, in all Paradores. They also give you a 5% discount on the price of breakfast and if your companion shares the same room, they will also benefit from this discount.

Another trick is to discover the offers that are launched from the Paradores website itself to discover which of its 98 accommodations offers the most interesting price.

Low Cost Trick Parador Cuenca

A 5-star hotel does not usually go below 150 euros per night at least and, in many cases, breakfast is not even included. Now, with this offer, you will be able to enjoy two nights and breakfast for 275 euros. In addition, it is a gift box that is perfect if you want to have a very special detail.

This Gift Box is redeemable for two consecutive nights at the same Parador, for one or two people, in a standard double room, on a bed and breakfast basis and is valid for all Paradors except Granada. Of course, you should know that it is valid for three years from the date of purchase and there are some Paradores that apply a supplement on certain dates.

Low Cost Trick - Parador Toledo

  • History and heritage: Each Parador is located in a historic building or in a location that has important cultural or heritage significance.
  • Unique architecture: Staying in a medieval castle, monastery or palace is an unforgettable experience for any traveler.
  • Locations for all tastes: There are urban Paradores, located in rural areas, surrounded by golf courses or on beaches on our coast.
  • Services and amenities: Despite being in historic buildings, the Paradores have all kinds of modern amenities: from Internet access to meeting and conference rooms.
  • Luxury gastronomy, since each Parador has its own restaurant service that is responsible for offering regional and local products and dishes. This allows travelers to discover the traditional cuisine of each area.
  • And finally, Paradores has an extensive letter of thematic experiences ranging from the Andalusian Legacy Route to a cycle tourism program.

In short, Paradores is a way to get to know Spain from the roots. And, if you follow some of the advice you’ve read here, you can sleep like a true king for less money than you imagine.

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