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The words that you will only hear if you travel Murcia

The words that you will only hear if you travel Murcia

Acho, today we travel to the beautiful Region of Murcia to learn about some expressions that are difficult for the rest of Spaniards to understand.

If in a question and answer contest you had to guess the autonomous community in which the term ‘acho’ is used We are sure that you would hit the jackpot, since there is no more recognizable expression. And so, aho, the time has come discover the words you will only hear if you travel to Murcia.

Murcia, boy, how pretty you are!

The Murcian usually aspirates the s at the end of each wordgiving rise to a very particular shortening of words, whose objective is to be able to express oneself quickly and practically (and unintelligible to outsiders, it must be said).

Almost at the height of eight we find preppyother filler that is used for any situation of surprise, disapproval or when you are left speechless. And, precisely this is how we are left before expressions as curious as enrobinao (when something is rusty), falling asleep (when one feels tempted by Morpheus), or paparajote, which refers to when a person becomes dizzy or faints to the ground.

We are going to posh sack, but there is no need to be alarmed, since we have not become exhibitionists or anything like that; We are simply going at a speed that the Formula 1 drivers would like. We have not even had time to put on our bamboo shoesbut there is no problem, since there will always be some friend to take us to coscoletas or, to understand us, on shoulders.

Perhaps these lines have little meaning, and some people from Murcia have a certain sadness, but this panzá of expressions aim to bring the reader closer to a province that has an infinite number of charms to offer and, furthermore, constitutes a divine example of the linguistic wealth that we can find in Spain.

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