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The World Beer Cup: the best beers in the world in 2024

The World Beer Cup: the best beers in the world in 2024

These are the best “oat juices” according to international beer experts.

He World Beer Cup It is a competition in which the best beers in the world are chosen. This 2024 they have been presented 9,300 beersand a group of brewing experts from more than 30 countries The winners of each category have been selected. We present six winning beers, have you had the opportunity to try any of them?

Chocolate Beer: Whistler Winter Dunkel, Whistler Brewing Co.

Yeah, chocolate beer exists (in fact, 52 beers have been entered in this category), and the winner of this category is Canadian. The Whistler Winter Dunkel is made with 100% organic chocolate, and for more originality, it also has orange peel and coriander. The result is a beer with a sweet flavor that leaves a subtle touch of orange.

Best non-alcoholic beer: Black Butte Non-Alcoholic, Deschutes Brewery

This dark beer Porter category It is perfect for those who love strong beer, but who want to reduce their alcohol consumption. The aroma is also reminiscent of chocolate, and even hazelnut. The flavor is milder than its alcoholic version, but critics have loved it.

Although the word “dark” may confuse, this type of beer is relatively softsince it is made from Lager yeast. The fermentation that occurs generates a flavor that, in addition to being smooth, is balanced. The winning beer in this category exudes aromas of coffee and dark chocolate, flavors of wafer cookies, brown sugar and toasted marshmallow.

The contest categories include hard-to-find typologies, such as honey beer, coffee beer or inspired by German styles. The business of “craft beers” is triumphing around the world, and the almost 10,000 beers that have participated in the contest are proof.

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