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There will no longer be a need to take liquids and laptops out of suitcases at Spanish airports

There will no longer be a need to take liquids and laptops out of suitcases at Spanish airports

A new regulations will allow preserve these elements when passing through the Security controls.

Tell me how long it will take you to get to the airport or the station and I will tell you what type of traveler you are.

Traveling is one of the most beautiful and enriching adventures that an individual can experience. However, this pleasure is sometimes clouded by the complexity of preparations and challenges at airports. Organizing your suitcase to make sure everything fits, remembering essential items, and arriving at the terminal at least 2 hours in advance can create major anxiety situations.

One of the most tense moments occurs when cross the rigorous airport controls. Between carry-on suitcases, coats and purchases from the free shop, We are often asked to unpack electronic devices, liquids, remove boots and belts, and even leave our cell phones. All this in compliance with the specific protocols from each airport and country.

The systems will facilitate the separation of suspicious suitcases and will mobilize the return of trays automatically

These controls, called EDSCB (Explosive Detection System for Cabin Baggage), will have X-ray and 3D technologies that will allow staff to see the suitcases in greater detail, without having to remove liquids and laptops from the outside. This will be possible thanks to the three-dimensional imaging and explosive detection capability that the systems incorporate.

Along with the integration of technologies, it includes the implementation of automated lines for hand luggage management (ATRS), which will facilitate the separation of suspicious suitcases and mobilize the return of trays automatically, without the intervention of the passenger. In addition, a system of remote inspection (Remote)which will make officers work from a separate room and not have to be physically at the controls.

Although there is still some time left to see these systems in our country, The machinery has begun to be used in other facilities in Europeas Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Turin. In general terms, very positive results were presented, demonstrating the reduction in working time and waiting times.

The issue of liquids

Historically, the allowable limit of liquid in individual containers for transporting in suitcases was 100 milliliterswhich had to go in a plastic bag separated from the rest of the luggage. This measure has been implemented since 2006 due to an anti-terrorist alert in all European airports.

This measure could also change the amount of liquid that can be carried during flights

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