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These are the cities in Spain with the best quality of life

These are the cities in Spain with the best quality of life

The city of Vigo heads the list of the best cities to live, and Barcelona and Madrid are at the bottom.

Spain in ‘slow’ mode: 5 municipalities that praise the quality of life.

Spain has always been considered one of the best countries to live in, and it is aspects such as its climate and safety are highly valued. However, within the country there are clear differences between one area or another, which is why the OCU has prepared a ranking to classify the 15 largest Spanish cities according to their quality of life.

To do this, the organization has asked citizens about the issues that most influence your quality of life. Mobility, safety, pollution, urban cleanliness and the cost of living are some of the criteria evaluated. Questions have also been asked about educational and health services, job offers, and cultural and sports offers.

At the top of this ranking is Vigo as the city with the best quality of life. This Galician city stands out for its good ratings in safety, cleanliness, education or environment and pollution. Furthermore, those surveyed consider it one of the best cities for families with children, since the leisure, sports and culture offer also obtains a good rating. However, it also has some weaknesses such as the labor and real estate market.




The citizens of the capital of Castilla y León are very satisfied with the cost of living and the labor and real estate markets.



The main problem of Malaga according to those surveyed is health serviceswhich have been very poorly valued, although they also consider that aspects such as mobility has indeed improved.

Malaga, cities quality of life

The citizens of Valencia are satisfied above all with your real estate market.


Gijon, Asturias, Spain

This city has obtained a negative rating, below average, for aspects such as education and cleaning servicesbut in other matters such as mobility does show an improvement.

In the Andalusian capital they are poorly valued health services and citizen security. And the quality of life has suffered especially as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

The Gran Canarian palms

Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, quality of life cities

In the case of Murcia, the worst valued by its inhabitants is Mobility.

The citizens of Palma complain above all about the high cost of living, education services and mobility.


Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The last place is for the Spanish capital. In Madrid, aspects such as health services, education and environmental quality. Still, its citizens are satisfied with your labor market and job offers.

And you… which of them would you like to live in?

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