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They discover a medieval village under an ancient abbey in France

They discover a medieval village under an ancient abbey in France

Excavation work carried out at Beaumont Abbey has uncovered remains of the medieval town of Belmons.

In mid-March, news broke of the discovery of 20 meters of medieval wall in Barcelona while renovation work was being carried out to modernize La Rambla. And it is not only in our country that archaeological remains of incalculable value continue to be found. In Rome, for example, a statue more than 2,000 years old appeared at the end of 2023… in a sewer!

Barcelona, ​​Rome… and now it’s the turn of Toursa city located in the west of France and capital of the metropolis of Tours Val de Loiresince in the latest excavations carried out in the Beaumont Abbey countless remains have been discovered that demonstrate the existence of an ancient medieval city that rest under the rubble of this semi-ruined abbey.

After more than a year of work, the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Researchled by archaeologist Philippe Blanchard, completed the first Complete excavation of a Christian abbey in European history. And, thanks to their findings, it is now possible to establish hypotheses about how the inhabitants of the village located beneath the remains of the abbey lived, worked and died.

Before analyzing the important historical artifacts that have been discoveredit is worth taking a look into the past to discover the origins of Beaumont Abbey. Founded in the year 1002, it was initially a small building with a flat apse. Over the centuries, it expanded; first, doubling its size and, later, adding new rooms, as well as a new ambulatory.

Thanks to archaeological work, important discoveries have been made.

They have had to spend more than 200 years to discover that beneath the remains of the abbey lies an authentic and historical treasure. The team led by Blanchard has found more than a thousand burial placesas well as other remains of the medieval city of Belmons.

Numerous human remains have been discovered beneath Beaumont Abbey.

Also surprising is the discovery of remains of buried children near an older church structure. Archaeologists believe that these are the remains of unbaptized children, who were buried near the church so that the holy water coming out of the church could bless their bodies.

Furthermore, as in many other archaeological excavations, they have unearthed Christian sacred elements such as rosaries and crucifixesbut it has also surprised a stunning 18th century Chinese porcelain tea setwhich could demonstrate the good financial health of the abbey throughout its history.

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