HomeTravel updatesThis is the first airline exclusively for dogs

This is the first airline exclusively for dogs

This is the first airline exclusively for dogs

The first flights have already arrived: flying dogs, welcome.

Summer arrives and with it vacations, trips, doubts: what do we do with tobyour dear dog? Neither family nor friends nor dog day care centers can now travel with us. Not yet on too many routes, but it will soon spread. The Bark Air company launches the first flights so that our dogs come to do tourism around the world. The predictions of tourist movements for the coming years say that there will be about two billion people traveling per year, how many millions of dogs will join the tourist journeys? A new tourism industry? Maybe a travel magazine focused on dogs? Written by dogs?

No more boxes and cages

How many dogs per plane?

He first flight from Bark Air, from New York to Los Angeles, it was a success. The dogs traveled as first-class passengers, with ample seating and luxury amenities such as dog-friendly champagne and spa treatments. Dogs have traveled like we never have.

Traveling by plane can be stressful for dogs and their owners, but Bark Air seeks to solve this by offering comfort and safety. Each aircraft can carry up to 15 dogs and has relaxation areas and noise elimination booths. A new way of traveling begins.

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