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This town in Spain offers you a free house… in exchange for something very simple

This town in Spain offers you a free house… in exchange for something very simple

In the Sevillian town of Castillo de las Guardas they offer a free house in exchange for working as a property guard.

There are more and more towns that, to fight against depopulation, they offer a free house in exchange for giving some life to the municipalities that are at risk of disappearing. A few months ago, for example, the Burgos town of Riocavado de la Sierra gave away its bar to anyone who traveled to the town to keep it open. And in our search for irresistible offers today we travel to The Castle of the Guards to discover a most desirable opportunityfree house in exchange for something very simple.

The Castle of Las Guardas is a municipality located just over 50 kilometers from Seville which has an area of ​​258 square kilometers and, according to the last census, has 1,500 residents. Do you dare to be one of them?

At about 347 meters above sea level, El Castillo de las Guardas is located in the Sierra de Aracenaquite close to the source of the Guadiamar River and in its municipal area there are many large estates that are dedicated, mainly, to wild livestock.

Browsing the Internet we have discovered a job offer Perfect for all those people who have no problems traveling to this Sevillian town. And, a few days ago, a job agency has offered a very interesting position: estate guard.

Free house in exchange for working as a farm guard.

At first glance, the work does not seem very complicated, since the functions are quite simple: monitor and guarantee the security of the propertyreport incidents to the owners and carry out gardening work for which you need to have knowledge of landscape design. Anyone who is familiar with gardening should have no problem completing the assigned missions, since they require a deep knowledge of the life cycles of the plants in the area and local pests, as well as being familiar with fertilizers. synthetic and natural.

This suggestive offer for live in El Castillo de las Guardas It offers free housing within the same property that has to be cared for. In addition, electricity and water expenses are covered. What the selected person should pay is the Wi-Fi, since the offer states that it is not included.

Working conditions involve having a day and a half of rest per week and indefinite contract. In exchange, a responsible person is requested, with detail orientation and the ability to work autonomously. A vocation for service and having your own vehicle are also essential.

Plant, harvest and collect on a farm in Seville.

If you are looking for a place where you can live in a free housing in exchange for something very simpleperhaps it is time to sign up for the offer to be a guard at a property in Seville’s Castillo de las Guardas.

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