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Tourists talk about Barcelona: this is what they think of Las Ramblas

Tourists talk about Barcelona: this is what they think of Las Ramblas

There is no traveler who visits Barcelona who does not spend some time walking along La Rambla. Of course, the opinions are very diverse.

That Barcelona is becoming a setting for ‘The Truman Show’ is something that residents of the city have been denouncing for a long time. The whole center is turning into a showcase for touristswhile citizens see how local commerce is being lost and it is the large chains that are taking over all the power.

And this situation, far from discouraging travelers, means that Barcelona continues to be one of the most visited cities in Spain. Without going any further and taking a look at the ‘Survey of profile and habits of tourists in Destination Barcelona 2022’, prepared by the Observatori del Turisme a Barcelona, ​​it is clear that the city approves in the eyes of the foreign visitor; In fact, on a scale of 1 out of 10, the average The overall rating is 9.32. Come on, what has been an outstanding one.

If we stay only with that information, it might seem that Barcelona is an idyllic destination, but let’s discover the other side of the coin. And, if we look at the different aspects that emerge from the aforementioned survey, citizen safety, noise and sustainability are nothing more than a simple ‘good’. The worst of all is the noise of the citywhich with a sufficient number shows that anyone looking for a quiet destination should flee the city.

Every traveler who sets foot in Barcelona ends at some point during their trip walking along Las Ramblasbut before discovering the surprising opinions they have about this avenue, we are going to locate it and discover some other curiosity.

Las Ramblas is one, La Rambla, but it is named in the plural. Its name comes from the Arabic ‘ramla’, which means dry channel or riveralluding to an ancient river that flowed through the area.

Divided into several sections, La Rambla has always been known for its numerous traditional flower shops and bird shops, although currently the landscape is being transformed and the souvenir stalls are the ones that mostly occupy this enclave.

This avenue has also been source of artistic inspiration for many artists and writers over the years, including painters like Joan Miró and writers like Federico García Lorca.

The Mirador de Colón, located at the end of La Rambla.

Diversity and life on Las Ramblas

On Las Ramblas everything is oriented towards the foreign traveler.

Insecurity in Barcelona

There are even those who are even more radical: ‘If you want to experience the definition of lack of control, lack of phase, madness, exaggeration, chaos, freneticism, disorder, madness… come to La Rambla!! Everything goes here!!’.

In short, that La Rambla has a thousand faces and the traveler must walk through it to discover which side they are on. And it is already known, as the saying goes, that ‘from love to hate, there is one step’.

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