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Travel tester wanted: the requirements to have the best job in the world

Travel tester wanted: the requirements to have the best job in the world

Can you imagine being able to turn your traveling passion into a profession? Here we show you how to do it.

A long, long time ago a very wise man who lived in feudal China around the year 500 BC. C. said something that society should remember and keep in mind: ‘Choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ Yes, travelers, this phrase that Confucius said is more relevant than ever. And it is that Working on what you like becomes a pleasure.. And what greater pleasure than traveling and getting paid for it?

Every day they go out most bizarre job offers. Some, even though they are attractive, don’t seem real (like the one in which they offered you a free house and job for running a small bar in a town in Empty Spain). Of course, today’s one is true and so interesting that surely the candidates can be counted in the hundreds. And it is that Becoming a travel tester is a profession that can be within your reach.

The travel and tourism agency B Travel has launched an offer through the Infojobs employment platform to cover a vacancy as travel tester. And if the title alone already sounds wonderful, read on to discover more advantages of this interesting position.

What does the job of a travel tester entail?

Can you imagine working while visiting the temples of Chiang Mai?

Requirements to be a travel tester

  • Minimum studies: Compulsory Secondary Education
  • Minimum experience: Not Required
  • Necessary knowledge: Travel, fun, social networks

In the advertisement that can be seen at Infojobs give more details of this very special job: Can you imagine that your next job is to go on vacation? Moooola huh?! We are looking for a person who knows how to enjoy sunrise to sunset, de-stressing at all times with a cocktail at the best resort or trying wonderful exotic dishes.

We need a worker who only worries about where they have their sunscreen or what is the best photo they have to upload to social networks. If you think you are capable of letting yourself be carried away from one incredible experience to another and that you deserve this job more than anyone else because traveling is your thing, sign up now!

Now that you know the requirements to participate in the selection process one of the best jobs in the world, it’s time to present your candidacy. And, if for whatever reason, you arrive too late and no more candidates are admitted, keep calm, because This offer is not the only one of its kind.. You just have to be attentive to the different employment platforms, since when you least expect it, a job appears. new offer to opt for the best job in the world.

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