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Travel to China. Check in 7 places to visit in Beijing. Updated 2024. Where should I go to Beijing?


Travel to China. Check in 7 places to visit in Beijing. Updated 2024. Where should I go to Beijing?

It’s time to go. Travel to China Now together! Because now China offers free visas to Thai people. Travel to China without a visa Start date March 1, 2024 This is it. Travelers follow us for updates. 7 places to visit in Beijing 2024 You can do it like this. Each location really has to be visited at least once. Where should I go to Beijing? Let’s see!

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Update Things to do in Beijing 2024
Free visa to travel to China. Where is a good place?

1. Great Wall of China Great Wall of China

I must say that anyone planning to visit China Don’t miss stopping by. great wall of china (Great Wall of China) to get once in your life. Because here is 1 of the 7 wonders of the world that was created since the era Emperor Qin Shi Huang Qin Dynasty It has continued for many eras, over 2,000 years, until it is more than 21,196.18 kilometers long, covering an area of ​​15 provinces throughout the country.

For anyone who comes Travel to Beijing You can come and admire the splendor of great wall of china Get it at Juyongguan Pass (Juyongguan), which is located closest to Beijing. It is located on the mountain. The view is very beautiful and spectacular. There is also a fortress that is more than a hundred years old. Which is open for tourists to visit as well.


2. Tiantan Temple of Heaven Tian Tan Temple of Heaven

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Let’s continue at world heritage in china Another place. Tiantan Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan Temple of Heaven) an important landmark of China built in the era Emperor Yongle, Ming Dynasty In the year 1420 for performing a ceremony to worship the heavens according to ancient Chinese beliefs.

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Inside, there are 3 important tourist attractions: Qiniandian Pavilion. Huangchungyu Palace and Yuan Xiutan, anyone who has visited Beijing You must not miss stopping by here once.


3. Forbidden City Forbidden City

Forbidden City  Things to do in Beijing 2024

Anyone who has arrived in China and has not come to Forbidden City (Forbidden City) or Gu Gong Palace This place is like not having arrived in China at all. Because here, in addition to being beautiful and magnificent, you must stop by and visit. It is also full of stories of China’s long history. It has also been registered. world heritage In the year 1987 as well

this palace Built in 1406 and completed in 1420, it became the residence of the emperor and royal family of the Ming Dynasty (Ming Dynasty 1368 – 1644) all the way up to the Qing Dynasty ( Qing Dynasty 1644 – 1912) and this was also a place of imprisonment. Emperor Puyi (Puyi) The last emperor of the Qing Dynasty. before changing from being the emperor’s residence to National Guangzhou Museum (Palace Museum) that displays the priceless treasures of China for everyone to see.


4. Tiananmen Square Tiananmen Square

Another landmark of Beijing That is Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen Square), a town square in the heart of Beijing. which will be in the north of the area Forbidden City (Forbidden City). Therefore, anyone who has visited the Forbidden City Stopped by to check in at Tiananmen Square You can also do this.

Here it will consist of National Museum of China (National Museum of China) People’s Parliament Building (The Great Hall of the People) Heroic Monument (The Monument to the People’s Heroes) and Chairman Mao Memorial Building (Chairman Mao Zedong Memorial Hall) and this is also the largest square in the world. It has a total area of ​​440,000 square meters and can hold up to 1 million people. Very grand and magnificent It’s like a Chinese city.


5. Wangfujing Pedestrian Street Wangfujing Pedestrian Street

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Wangfujing Pedestrian Street (Wangfujing Pedestrian Street) a place to visit in Beijing It’s something that those who travel can’t miss. Because this place is a source of many different restaurants, including Chinese food, Western food, gathered here, including many street foods to choose from and taste until your belly is full.

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This walking street is also a great place for shoppers. Because there are various department stores that are famous and modern, filled with many shops. Let shoppers walk around and have fun with products, fashion clothes. Things, utensils, and more. Shop and taste. You definitely won’t get bored.


6. Nanlou Guxiang Ancient Street Nan Luo Gu Xiang

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Nanlou Guxiang Ancient Street (Nan Luo Gu Xiang) is a unique street with hundreds of years of traditional Beijing architecture. and has been transformed into various shops while still maintaining the village and the ancient city plan very well.

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Inside there is a bar, cafe, bakery, and jewelry store. and various shops Making it another point that attracts tourists who come to Beijing no less than other places. There are also beautiful photography spots. ancient chinese atmosphere Let’s come and pose for cool photos too.


7. Summer Palace, Yiheyuan Yiheyuan/Summer Palace

summer palace (Summer Palace) or Yiheyuan (Yiheyuan) is located a short distance from downtown Beijing. Which was originally the royal palace and flower garden of King Kublai Khan. Later, the Qing Dynasty kings He used it as a place to change his royal residence to stay at this Summer Palace.

This is another recreational spot that is not too far from Beijing city. and also has tranquility Inside the park is beautiful, filled with many kinds of trees, flowers, and many small and large palaces. Over 300 flower gardens and lakes


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