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Travels and letters: three books for three destinations (IV)

Travels and letters: three books for three destinations (IV)

“When you reach the end of the road, then continue straight ahead.” Theodor Kallifatides.

I haven’t read in weeksI don’t read something in its entirety: I skim, I splash, but I don’t give myself to three hundred pages, not even two hundred. Reading apathy, which comes, which always comes, leaves you a little more defenseless, a little more silent, a little less alive. I finish the newspaper reports exhaustedI read WhatsApp with reluctance, the emails seem to me boring homilies, and when I go to a restaurant I order the first thing on the menu so I don’t have to read the entire thing. In short, a disaster. To get out of the mess, I propose to reread three novels short; the kind where you start, blink two, three times and you’re done. One of those that, in addition, leave the feeling of having witnessed something unusual, unrepeatable.

Story of a castaway, by Gabriel García Márquez

The Colombian Nobel Prize is the portrait of the most famous bill in the country

Bonsai, by Alejandro Zambra

Tropical jungle and literary meanders

Do books say something about the person who reads them? Let’s assume so. When someone recommends you An old man who read love novels is recommending you a piece of your emotionality. The novel takes place in the Amazon and it develops so much and so well that Flowers, vines, songs sprout from the pages. The old, Jungle and love will remain hanging on your eyelids.

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