There is nothing better to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that we find in every corner of Spain than with a hiking route. In the province of Alicante we will find several very interesting options, but if what we are looking for is a tour for the whole family, it is highly recommended the Isbert Dam route.

This path takes us through the interior of a steep ravine to the base of an abandoned reservoir. This structure was built between 1928 and 1944, but was no longer used because it presented filtration and permeability problems.

Vall de Laguar (Raranco del Infierno Route).

The ‘cathedral of hiking’ is in Alicante: a route through the Barranco del Infierno

The Isbert Dam route

The Isbert Dam route is part of the Marina Alta region, specifically in the municipality of Laguart Valley. This is just 2 kilometers and is a simple and short section of another 25-kilometer marked trail (PR-CV 181). The starting point is an esplanade next to the Swamp House, an old house converted into rural accommodation. Here we can leave the car parked.

Isbert Dam Route.
Isbert Dam Route.

We will start walking along a narrow path next to the left wall of the house until we reach a tunnel about 100 meters long. At this point we will have to use flashlights, since the interior is completely dark. Additionally, if there has been recent rain we may find some puddles of water and mud.

Next we will go down to the bed of the ravine created by the erosion of the waters of the Girona river. We will go through this large gorge, getting closer and closer to the dam and passing between large rocks until we reach the huge vertical wall of the reservoir. After a rest, we will just have to retrace our steps and return to the Swamp House and our car.

Upper part of the Isbert Dam.
Upper part of the Isbert Dam.

How to get to the start of the tour

He journey from the city of Alicante to the municipality of Vall de Laguart is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Specifically, we will have to go to the town of Campell and from there take the CV-721 and then the paved road from Partida Isbert to the Casa del Pantano.

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