Although the so-called ‘city of love’ is none other than Paris, the capital of France, the truth is that Italy is not far behind in romanticism. Its history, its idyllic landscapes and some of its traditions make up an ideal environment for couples looking to enjoy each of the corners of this country to the fullest. Rome, Venice, Perugia or Verona They offer tourist attractions that, beyond being fascinating on special dates such as Valentine’s Day, have an entire legend or ritual around them that make them a mandatory stop on the trip.

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Taking all this into account, it is not surprising that some of these emblematic locations serve as the setting for unforgettable photographs or even dream proposals. In one way or another, there are many couples who decide to seal their love during their trip to Italy and these are some of the most romantic rituals that are making.

Padlocks of love, on Puente Milvio

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The fashion of the so-called love locks, which loving couples began to place on the Milvio Bridge in Rome, as Federico Moccia narrated in one of his novels, spreads like a plague throughout the world, and has now reached the Venice Rialto Bridge.


Placing padlocks on the Milvian Bridge in Rome has become a tradition.

In 2006 the Italian author Federico Moccia published the book I desire you, which was made into a film shortly after, and in which its protagonists they hook a padlock to one of the lampposts on the Milvio Bridge in Rome as a symbol of eternal love. Numerous couples brought this to real life, turning it into a tradition that has crossed borders and is even done on other bridges around the world. Although over time it has caused problems due to the volume of padlocks attached, it is a ritual that few fail to do when traveling to Italy.

Cinque Terre, Via dell’Amore

Way of love in Cinque Terre.
Way of love in Cinque Terre.

It is also a lock that is placed by lovers who walk through the call Cinque Terre Love Way. It is a route on the shores of the Mediterranean that connects Riomaggiore and Manarola and in which, following tradition, before starting each couple must close their padlock to throw the key into the sea during the tour. In addition, during the journey you can see different references to heroes and gods of mythology related to love, as well as all kinds of dedications.

Juliet’s House and balcony in Verona

Every year, thousands of people walk through this corner of Italy to contemplate the famous Shakespearean balcony to pay tribute to the endless fight between the Capulets and the Montagues.  You should also visit the Arena, an amphitheater with more than 20 centuries of history where shows and concerts are held all year round, and continue with a walk along the wall until you end in Castelvecchio.
Juliet’s House in Verona.

In Verona it is practically mandatory to visit the so-called ‘Juliet’s House’, the enclave where it is popularly said that the most romantic love story in the world took place: Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare. There, in addition to witnessing the balcony, its impressive mural full of romantic letters of people coming from all over the world. A way to find love or keep the one you already have, according to the legend surrounding this spectacular location.

El Djem Amphitheater.

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Venice and the Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs, Venice.
Bridge of Sighs in Venice.

One of the most emblematic and well-known corners of Venice is the Bridge of Sighs. Built with the purpose of joining the Doge’s Palace with the dungeons, its history is nothing romantic, but over time it has transformed into a legend that says that if a couple kisses in a gondola ride at sunset Under the bridge, eternal love will be granted to you. A ritual that many of the couples who visit this city follow, turning it into a tradition that is already the culture of Italy.

Baci Perugina, the sweets of love

Baci Perugina, the most romantic sweets in Italy.
Baci Perugina, the most romantic sweets in Italy.

Perugia chocolate is famous throughout the world thanks, in part, to the Perugina brand. A candy factory founded in 1907 that launched in the 1920s the acquaintances Baci Perugina. These are rounded chocolates in which the chocolate covers a hazelnut and which have traditionally been given as gifts to family, friends and, especially, couples. The name, ‘Beso Perugina’ is due to its creators, Luisa Spagnoli and her lover Giovanni Buitoni, who found in the packaging of these chocolates a way to communicate secretly, writing their messages and love letters on them and creating an authentic tradition.

Manarola train station, one of the Cinque Terre towns.

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Three coins in the Trevi Fountain in Rome

This is one of the points visited on the 'free tour' of the Italian capital.
The Trevi Fountain is one of the most visited monuments in Rome.

Better known than any other, it is the ritual that consists of throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The myth, born from the movie Three coins in the fountain, says that if you throw a coin: you will return to Rome. If you throw two coins: you will find love and if you throw three coins: you will marry the person you met. This is why there are many people who comply with this tradition in a monument that has witnessed countless marriage proposals and commitments.

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