The route of Eastern Express They were just another railway line in Türkiye. However, the claim of those who filled the train cars to enjoy the landscape of eastern Turkey they got a tourist line. Now, it has become one of the most recommended routes for those who want cross the country from east to west and enjoy the white and icy landscapes which he offers as a print. If you still want to spend the winter outside of Spain and try other ski slopes, flying to Ankara will give you the opportunity to enjoy the train also called Dogu Express.

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One of the most attractive railway routes

The Eastern Express adapted its trains to a tourist version with better beds.
The Eastern Express adapted its trains to a tourist version with better beds.

There is no difference in the route compared to the normal Eastern Express line, but in the tourist version The stops they make are different, with a total of 29 compared to the 50 offered by the first. The innovation of this tour began with enable sleeping cars of superior quality and a dining car to make the route much more accessible to tourists. In this way, people who board the train will be able to discover the impressive winter landscapes that eastern Turkey offers.

Although this route can be enjoyed all year round, when the cold arrives, the coldest points of the country are covered with a spectacular white blanket. The snow reaches this part of Turkey, making the journey a dreamlike and very attractive experience. You can see from rural places to more urban and impressive mountains and valleys.

And, the Eastern Express has a total journey of 26 hours and makes some stops lasting two and three hours. With this break in the tour you will be able to enjoy some towns on foot, as well as the Turkish cuisine of the area. And also, For ski lovers, you can enjoy the best slopes in the country. If you take the outward route from the capital, you can stop at the Erzincan and Erzurum stations. However, if you do the reverse route you will do it in Divriği and Sivas.

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A fantastic last stop: Kars

Eastern Express in the winter of Kars (Türkiye).
Eastern Express in the winter of Kars (Türkiye).

The last stop of the Eastern Express is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. A unique and fantasy destination where you can take time to enjoy the numerous cultures that have passed through the city. The streets of Kars have been trodden by various civilizations such as the Persian, the Byzantine or the Seljuk and the Ottoman. In winter, Kars becomes the perfect image of skiing, since It has the third highest altitude runway in the world.

However, if you are more inclined to let yourself be fooled by the landscapes, you will have the option of walk on the ice of Lake Çıldır by horse and see the local population doing their fishing work. On the other hand, very close, you can also discover one of the medieval jewels within the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Archaeological Site of Anian ancient ruined city situated on the border of Turkey and Armenia, and long recognized as the medieval capital of the latter country.

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