The carnival It is one of the most anticipated festivals of the entire year in Spain. Although the best known are those of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or those of Cádiz, the truth is that in all parts of the country This time of year is celebrated with the greatest of enthusiasm. Costumes, joy and activities characterize this centenary celebration spread throughout the world.

One of the cities in Spain where Carnival is celebrated with greater intensity is in Madrid, Although if you want to escape the crowds and constant hustle and bustle of the capital, you can always experience the party in one of the community municipalities in which these holidays are celebrated in style.

Orbaneja del Castillo.

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The ‘Manteo del pelele’ in Alcalá de Henares

Romper cape
Romper cape

Although the best known of the Alcalá de Henares festivities are its comparsas, the truth is that in the Madrid municipality they also maintain a very curious tradition, but which continues to be greatly celebrated by the neighbors. It is known as ‘Manteo del pelele’, in which a doll is repeatedly thrown so that the bad feelings they go very far away.

The terrifying ‘heifer’ of Braojos de la Sierra

Braojos de la Sierra heifer
Braojos de la Sierra heifer

One of the most widespread traditions throughout the towns located to the north of Madrid are the heifers, although not of flesh and blood. In municipalities such as Colmenar Viejo, Fresnedillas de la Oliva or Pedrezuela, the young people of the town chase the neighbors with a handmade animal, but where the tradition is most deeply rooted is in Braojos de la Sierra: on Carnival Tuesday the town celebrates what is known as ‘Heifer of the young men’, in which the ‘Masks’ They put on terrifying costumes and go after those who dare to stand in front of the cow-shaped wagon.

The party in Hoyo de Manzanares

For those looking for some carnivals much more idle, The best option is to go to Hoyo de Manzanares. In this town in the north of Madrid the party is continuous on Saturday, with activities for both children and young people from early morning until late at night.

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The medieval market of Chinchón

The town of Chinchón is not only one of the most beautiful that can be visited in the community of Madrid, and this incredible town, which has an impressive Parador, is also one of the places where carnivals are experienced in a somewhat peculiar way: since 2004 it has been celebrated in the beautiful Plaza Mayor a medieval market to commemorate a visit by the Catholic Monarchs. There you can buy a multitude of products, and numerous activities typical of the celebrations of the time are also carried out.

The inclusive parade of Algete

The carnivals of the municipality of Algete bring a very inclusive initiative this year: In part of the already traditional parade silence will reign, but all for a good cause; for children who suffer Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), The City Council has prepared a section in which there will be no music or thunderous celebrations so that no child is left without being able to attend the costume parade.

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