Spain is a land of castles, if not tell the people Routes of the Castles of Teruel or Jaen. All the provinces of the peninsula have more than one fortress that marks their territory, which is why they have become the architectural landscape that is most abundant in the country. However, there are some examples that are very deteriorated and have not been preserved until today or are more difficult to visit due to the lack of funds to rebuild them.

Therefore, all those castles and fortresses in Spain that can be visited are worth seeing and visiting on a getaway from work or on vacation. From 20Shopping We wanted to highlight some of the walled architectural jewels of Spain so you can go on an excursion without going too far and visit those castles that are close to you in the easiest and most economical way.

Thank you to the Civitatis travel and reservation portal We can visit with guided routes jewels of the level of Loarre, in the Huesca province of Aragón, the Ponferrada castle in this town of León or others that are a little more unknown, but imposing, such as the Trigueros Castle in Valladolid.

Let’s start with one of the most important Romanesque castles in Spainand better preserved, where films such as The Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom. We are talking, of course, about Loarre, in the Hoya de Huesca, Aragon. It was built in the 11th century by order of King Sancho III with a clear military function. This imposing fortress is preserved almost perfectly and You will love knowing it on a guided excursion.

Loarre Castle, Huesca, Aragon.
Loarre Castle, Huesca, Aragon.

From Loarre we travel to one of the templar fortresses most famous in León: the castle of Ponferrada. Civitatis for this route, which You can book for less than 10 euros, you want to go into the castle rounds to discover all its history and secrets. Afterwards, the visit continues inside the castle and to the top of the defensive towers to admire the views of the town and the mountains that surround it.

Enchanted castle in Spain

However, if you prefer a little more action, gossip says that the Trigueros del Valle castle, in the province of Valladolid, is an enchanted castle inhabited by strange fantastic creatures. Would you dare to find out?

We couldn’t leave one of the most imposing fortresses of ancient Al-Andaluswhich rests in the castle of Gibralfaro, in the province of Malaga. Thanks to this free tour from Civitatis you can see one of the defensive monuments more important of this Andalusian province. Located at the top of Mount Gibralfaro, this fortress was built with the aim of housing troops and protecting the Alcazaba of Malaga against sieges. During the visit, you will be able to review the different historical stages that this monument has experienced and the remodeling it has undergone since the times of Al-Andalus.

Gibralfaro road.
Gibralfaro road.

Finally, if you want a different experience this vacation you cannot forget tour a fairy tale palace, get lost in the streets of Olite, in Navarra, and see its castle. You will immediately understand why everyone is fascinated by this medieval town. Olite Castle is an impressive French Gothic bastion, as defined by Civitatis. And, some of the main rooms will leave you breathless, for example, the bat room or the king and queen’s chambers.

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