This surprising geological formation is one of the most magical places that we can visit on a tour of the lower Serranía of the province of Cuenca. Popularly known as Plaza de Toros, the Talayuelas Canyon It is an impressive example of our natural heritage and the best example of the magnificent work that Mother Nature is capable of creating.

Disconnection and hiking

Talayuelas Canyon
Talayuelas Canyon

If you are looking for a place to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, in the Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park you are guaranteed incredible settings where you can go hiking, places where tranquility reigns and which invite you to discover them calmly. But also, anyone who knows this attractive province knows that this land is not lacking in geographical formations either. Among all of them, we recommend the Talayuelas Canyon, a red earth gorge which, due to its spectacular nature, has been compared to the Bryce Canyon National Park, in Utah (United States).

An easy and comfortable route

The Talayuelas canyon, Cuenca
The Talayuelas Canyon, Cuenca

The route has a length of less than about 4 kilometers, and can be completed in approximately 2 hours. The erosion of wind and water over the centuries has ended up forming a circus with figures as curious as they are unstable. And although the route is comfortable and quite easy to do, we recommend that when approaching the Canyon you take some care and try to follow the line marked by the metal posts.

To get to this spectacular gorge you have to pass through a pine forest. One of the things that attracts the most attention is the contrast between the reddish color of the earth with the intense green of the forest, which gives it a unique character.

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Other places of interest nearby

Talayuelas Lagoon
Talayuelas Lagoon

The area will impress you with the beauty and contrast of its landscapes, as well as the impressive panoramic views. But you can also complete the route enjoying the numerous nearby sources, such as La Hoya, Las Canalejas, Los Cubillejos, Los Tornajos, Las Estacas. All of them are famous for the quality of their water, and many people come to them to take their water. And some even have barbecue areas with tables where families usually enjoy relaxing days in the middle of nature.

And if you are left wanting more, you can take the opportunity to discover a very colorful and charming place, which is also very close: the Talayuelas lagoon. The excursion to this protected area is about 3 kilometers long. It is done on a circular route in which you will find a very different landscape and numerous species of birds that have their refuge in this place. He best time to visit is Fall and Springwhen the lagoon has more water.

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How to get to Talayuelas

Talayuelas is located 118 kilometers from Cuenca, a drive that takes an hour and a half. And once we are in this municipality, we have to take the N-330 to access the canyon, which is about 8 kilometers away.

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