Already looking for a vacation destination for 2024? No matter how much I tell you that there are still many months left for it, don’t worry. At 20decompras we understand you perfectly: It’s never too early to start looking for our next adventure! And even less so if the date on which we have to take vacation depends on it. Not to mention that our suitcase is crying out for a change, one that also adjusts to the new airline measures to save money out of our pockets. Therefore, we already know that being forward-looking is worth two and, in terms of travel, this translates into being able to find flights at a better price and incredible offers.

Once the destination is clear, we can begin to cope with the wait by looking for the best activities that we are going to do there and the tourist attractions that we should not miss. Likewise, it is important to find out about the type of documentation required in the country you are visiting, the currency they use and, in some cases, the special vaccinations they require. All this will allow us to have foresight of what we should do before traveling.

Along with these questions, at 20decompras we want to ask you another one: have you thought about how you will get from the destination airport to the place where you are staying? There are many that offer transportation services to the city center, but we want to propose a better solution: why not hire a transfer between the terminal and your accommodation? Among the reasons for doing so, not having to carry all our luggage on the public transport services that exist in the cities, something that, together with the fatigue of the flight (and let’s not talk about if we have had a time change!), we find makes it heavier.

Furthermore, this will prevent us from having to wait longer at the airport or, in the case of opting for a taxi, from having to face an unknown budget until the moment of paying for it. In addition, These private transports will allow us to get to our accommodation faster to be able to enjoy the destination as soon as possible and, regardless of the travel time we have to take, we will do it in a much more comfortable way. At Civitatis, a tourist reservation management platform, they also offer transfer services between terminal and hotel worldwide. The most popular? Those at the airports of NY, Rome and Paris. Are these your next destinations?

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