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In the morning, waking up in a hobbit house, in the afternoon an idyllic deserted beach and in the evening an international metal festival: this can only happen in Galicia.

Spain hides many charming places among its towns and cities, but there is one specific location that has everything we could ask for from a vacation or weekend getaway: A cinematic apartment, a paradise beach and world music He lives. Where can we find all this? In Vivero (Galicia).

Vivero is a little coastal gem in the province of Lugo that has gained fame not only for its natural charm, but also for its ability to host unique and diverse experiences in a single day. Known for its dreamy landscapes, pristine beaches and vibrant music scene, This corner of northwest Spain offers a trip that’s hard to forget.

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But what exactly is it about Vivero that makes it so special? Specifically, in this Galician city where we can stay “Hobbit Town” My treasure. My fortune, The apartments have been manufactured and designed to recall the legendary houses in the Shire of Middle-earth created by Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings.

Built “underground”, wake up in one of these picturesque residences he The perfect introduction to an adventurous day That we could continue to visit some of the different attractions surrounding this property.

Vivero, a Galician region that combines magic and metal

A good example of trips we can take if we visit the nursery (whether we stay at Frodo Baggins’ house or not) is maiden cave, It is also known as the “Cave of Magic” and has stunning views of the Ria de Fivero and the Cantabrian Sea.

Another viewpoint we can visit is the one in San Roque, one of the great entertainment places in Viveirans. From the viewpoint we can also see the mouth of the Vivero River next to the beautiful town, the ports of Vivero and Silero and Covas Beach.

However, this Galician city not only offers great views; It also has some perfect beaches, like cathedrals, It features massive arches more than 30 meters high, reminiscent of the flying buttresses of a cathedral.

Cathedral Beach
Cathedral Beach

Cathedrals Beach | Photography by Daniel Tejador

they Turquoise blue water They have made it a very unusual beach in the north, as it feels like we are more on an Ibiza beach than a Cantabria beach. In addition, the color of the sand (depending on the sea state) can become a very light colour, which also takes us to the typical paradisiacal beaches.

If all the natural and idyllic places that Vivero offers are not enough to transform this municipality into one of the most exciting cities in the province of Galicia, there is still more: The largest international rock/metal festival in Spain Resurrection Festival.

For four days (2024 is celebrated between June 26 and 29), Vivero has become the Spanish capital of metal and rock music, hosting bands from all over the world (89, to be exact). Alice Cooper, The Offspring and Baby Metal are among this year’s headliners that will conclude several days of live music with around 80,000 fans expected to attend.

What now We know more about Vivero, Its surroundings and the attractions it offers, what are you waiting for to escape for a weekend or organize your next vacation?

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