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It is one of the most amazing natural river phenomena in the world and takes place in Spain

From the northern lights to volcanic eruptions, it’s there There are many natural phenomena that leave us speechless and amazed Although we usually have to go quite far to see them, Spain is home to one of the most spectacular rivers in terms of rivers.

Have you ever heard of an explosion? In the Calares del Río Mundo and La Cima Natural Park (in the Sierra de Alcaraz, Albacete) is located one of the most impressive springs in Spanish territory: the Churros del Río Mundo.

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In principle, it is nothing more than water flowing from a cave and falling in the form of a waterfall about 80 meters high. To the birth of the Mundo River and its beautiful landscape. However, in times of heavy rain, this phenomenon becomes even more impressive.

The accumulation of water in the pools (calderitassa) that form the river as it descends into the rocks causes the famous explosion: A spectacular explosion of water suddenly occurs as thousands of liters are deposited from the limestone wall It is impossible to contain.

It is one of the most unusual and unusual river phenomena It can happen several times during the year (especially in autumn and winter, when there is more rain), attracting many hikers who, equipped with raincoats and umbrellas, can face this blast at any time.

@zafirolagunazo Birth of the Mundo River. Riobar. Albacete. Zafiro Lagunazo Rural Tourism 2.5 km from Los Choros. #riomundo #freak out #reventondeloschoros ♬ original sound – zafirolagunazo

This past Easter This phenomenon occurred, leaving many videos on social media of hikers covered in water as they wandered around this waterfall. And you, do you dare to wander around the source of the Mundo River?

Title image | Antonio Marin Segovia/Flickr

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