From “Game of Thrones” to “007 The world is never enough” going through more than one national or international television advertisement, The Bardenas Reales are an excellent set and this is not the only curiosity that we can name about what is considered one of the largest semi-desert areas in Europe.

This unique landscape has been recognized as a Natural Park since 1999 and has been a Biosphere Reserve since 2000.

And, despite the fact that when talking about Navarre Images full of green quickly come to mind, the truth is that in the south, in its border with the province of Zaragoza, the landscape changes completely. Here green is replaced by brown, red and white, very characteristic tones of Las Bardenas. A unique landscape that since 1999 has been recognized by Natural Park and since 2000 as a Biosphere Reserve.

Talayuela Canyon

Hiking trail in a stunning canyon compared to Bryce Canyon National Park

The famous rock of Castildetierra.
The famous rock of Castildetierra.

How to get

To locate us on the map you can search Tudela, an important Navarrese town known for its excellent orchard (not just buds). And from there head towards the Las Bardenas Reales Information Center. Here they will not charge you entrance because it is freebut they will give you all the information you need, such as a map with the most symbolic places highlighted.

Several companies organize routes by electric bicycle, segway, 4×4 vehicles and even horseback riding.

The tour It can be done comfortably by car. The land is accessible and very well signposted. In addition, there are spaces equipped to get off and take all the photos you can, because the place deserves a good collection. But if you want something different, you can try electric bike, segway, 4×4 or even horseback, an experience that you will not forget. There are several companies that are dedicated to organizing guided tours and the truth is that it is very worthwhile.

Vall de Laguar (Raranco del Infierno Route).

The ‘cathedral of hiking’ is in Alicante: a route through the Barranco del Infierno

La Pisquerra is the wildest area of ​​the entire park.
La Pisquerra is the wildest area of ​​the entire park.


No matter how you decide to tour Las Bardenas Reales, you should know that There are no towns here nor have there ever been., and the weather conditions do not help. For centuries they belonged to the Navarrese kings, hence the royals, who determined who could use them, mainly for summer grazing. There is only one restricted part that cannot be visited. Belongs to Air Force and includes a shooting range, so better not to risk it.

For centuries Las Bardenas belonged to the Navarrese kings, hence the Reales, and they determined who could use them

The rest, as far as the eye can see, is 100% nature and it is the shapes of its rocks and the whims of water and wind erosion on the rock that are worthy of admiration. Among all the figures, the Cabezo de Castildetierra. Quite an icon that you have surely seen an image of. It is also known as a fairy chimney. and some experts warn that it is a fragile figure that could break, so don’t take too long to go see it.

My moon

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Head of the Curtains.
Head of the Curtains.

Landscape from another planet

Very close we find the Head of the Curtains and the curious ravines that have been formed by the little water that falls here. When the Sun rises the landscape takes on a different texture and it is even easy to differentiate the different strata of the soil, which it has drawn horizontal bands of different shades. You just need to climb to a slightly higher point to believe that you are in a landscape from another planet. You will find a staircase with more than 200 steps, but since they are excavated in the rock itself and it is so fragile, it is not a climb suitable for everyone and extreme caution must be taken. In the White part we find The Pisquerra, the wildest area of ​​the entire park and also the most difficult to access.

Basaltic Prisms of Santa María Regla.

A landscape out of this world: four waterfalls surrounded by hexagonal columns in a ravine

Air augers
Bubbles from the Aire Bardenas hotel.

Complete experience

Since you have gone to the south of Navarra, you surely want to know how to extend your stay and achieve a getaway of ten. Well, here are two options. If your dream plan includes a romantic moment, book at Hotel Aire de Bardenas. Both its cube and bubble rooms contain all the ingredients to fall totally in love.

If the plan includes the whole family, you just have to get tickets for the Senda Viva park. A unique space in which to enjoy nature, animals and some very original attractions. You will never again think that in a semi-desert there is nothing to do.

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