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Spain’s most impressive trail is located just two hours from Madrid by car

Spain has some amazing landscapes if what we are looking for is hiking and enjoying animals and nature. One of the best preserved places is located just two hours from the capital, between Madrid and Zaragoza: Stone River.

It is a wonderful natural area located around the famous area Stone monastery in Zaragoza, Founded by Cistercian monks in the twelfth century. Water and plants are the main factors on this trail, which is full of beautiful waterfalls, caves and waterfalls that do not disappoint.

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Juan Federico Montadas Grove, Diana’s Bath, Duck Lake, Trinidad Waterfall and Tiger Grotto are located here. Some places we will walk If we choose to take a stroll through the park surrounding the monastery, this is an ideal place to enjoy it as a couple, with friends and even with our dogs (as long as they are on a leash of course).

But in addition to visiting these beautiful places We can see its huge historical complex: The convent, the cloister, the Plaza Mayor, the old facade of the inn and the chapel, the tower of homage, the perimeter wall, and the Gayari cross.

A place that is centuries old

Don Pablo Montadas Campini acquired the Monasterio de Piedra in 1843 for 1,250,000 reais at auction, however, it was his son, Don Juan Federico Montadas, who He converted his orchard into a landscaped garden And the monastery quarters of the hospitality and hydrotherapy facility. Furthermore, in 1867 it also added a fish farm, a pioneer in Spain and where some of the original fishing farms can still be visited.

Since then it has become a piedra tourist destination in zaragoza, It has been preserved in very good condition despite being several centuries old.

As for the garden and roads surrounding the monastery, It is full of surprises and beautiful corners that will surprise anyoneThe beauty of the river and the freshness of its waterfalls and lakes make this place an enchanting place. In addition, everything is enlivened by the songs of the different species of birds that live in the area.

The park is classified as A range of cultural interests By the Government of Aragon and as The national monument itself It was even awarded the Tourist Order of Merit by the Aragon government in 2011.

Map of the tourist complex of Monasterio de Piedra
Map of the tourist complex of Monasterio de Piedra

Map of the tourist complex of Monasterio de Piedra | Stone Monastery

Information of interest

he Stone Monastery It is located on Afueras Street in Nuevalos (Zaragoza), just two hours from Madrid by car. It has a free garden, although entry to the garden and the monastery costs between 17.60 and 12.25 euros (depending on the type – adult, child or adult).

he Route table from 9am to 6pm (although last entry is at 4:30pm), while the monastery can only be entered between 10am and 6pm (entry closes at 5:30pm).

Title image | Stone Monastery

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