The “fault” that we consider verona as a city that overflows with romanticism is from William Shakespeare himself, who set here the eternal love story of Romeo and Juliet. The city has also collaborated in strengthening those ties and has preserved some of the corners that the English author describes in his novel, even though they say he was never there…

The city of Verona has preserved some of the corners that Shakespeare describes in his immortal novel

Such is Verona’s relationship with Valentine’s Day that every year they celebrate a festival dedicated to love, Verona in Love (, with a very complete agenda so that your getaway does not lack details, especially romantic ones. To complete your stay or plan it for other dates (Verona can be even more romantic in spring) here are the ten plans that cannot be missed on your visit to this city located between Venice and Milan.

Juliet's House, are its statue and the famous balcony.
Juliet’s House, with its statue and the famous balcony.

1. Juliet’s House

This is the first stop for many young people (and not so young) who want Julieta to give them a hand with their love affairs. That’s why the entrance is already full of padlocks and the walls full of notes and letters. What was the house of the protagonist of this love story lived in the number 23 Capello Street, in the historic center. A mansion that has been a museum for more than a century and you will recognize it as soon as you enter its patio and see the most famous balcony in Italy.

Molfetta old town, the port and the Cathedral of San Corrado.

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Plaque at the entrance to Juliet's tomb.
Plaque at the entrance to Juliet’s tomb.

2. Juliet’s tomb

Without wanting to make more “spoilers” of the work of Shakespeare, just inform that this is another of the places that the author describes in his novel and that you can visit. It is located in the basement of the cloister of San Francisco del Corso and next to the place where he rests Juliet Capulet You can read fragments of the novel so that you can live that moment with a greater dose of emotion.

Basilica of San Zeno.
Basilica of San Zeno.

3. Basilica of San Zeno

Attention, another “spoiler” is coming. On this journey in the footsteps of Romeo, you cannot miss a visit to this Romanesque church. It is one of the most loved by the city since the relics of his patron, Saint Zeno. But in this case we are also interested because it is precisely in its crypt where one of the key moments of this novel occurs.

Padua Botanical Garden.

The city with the oldest Botanical Garden in the world and the largest square in Italy

Night view of Verona and the Adige River.
Night view of Verona and the Adige River.

4. Bust of Shakespeare

Despite the number of corners that remember Romeo and Juliet, there is only one point where the city remembers the writer who gave it so much fame. This bust is located at the entrance of the Maffeian Lapidaryone of the oldest public museums in Europe. Here its collections of Greek, Etruscan, Paleo-Venetian and Roman art stand out.

Aerial view of the Verona Arena.
Aerial view of the Verona Arena.

5. Verona Arena

It is one of the best-known and representative monuments of the city And we must not forget that, after Pompeii and Rome, Verona is the city in Italy with the highest concentration of ruins from the Roman era. The state of conservation of this amphitheater allows you to continue using it for concerts and other shows. Furthermore, also it is possible to visit it, something that is very worthwhile.

Colored houses of Brisighella.

One of the most beautiful towns in Italy: colorful houses, a spa and historic buildings on the edge of cliffs

Piazza delle Erbe.
Piazza delle Erbe.

6. Piazza delle Erbe

Get lost among the pedestrian alleys of the historical Center It is a delight, even more so when you come across its charming squares. The Piazza delle Erbe is one of the oldest in the city (the ancient Roman forum is located here) and also one of the most beautiful. The animation that always reigns in this square can mislead you, but don’t forget to pay attention to each of its buildings full of history.

Piazza delle Erbe with the Lamberti Tower in the background.
Piazza delle Erbe and the Lamberti Tower.

7. Lamberti Tower

With their more than 80 meters high It presides over Piazza delle Erbe and is visible from many points in the city. That’s why the views from the highest part are so impressive. Can climb its 368 steps or pay a little more at the entrance and take the elevator.

Couples' padlocks anchored on a bridge in Rome.

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Piazza dei Signori in Verona.
Piazza dei Signori.

8. Piazza dei Signori

Another of the places Verona essentials. Surrounded by classics renaissance palaces, is one of the most elegant in the city. One part is porticoed and in any corner there is a statue or a memory of those who were illustrious people.

Castelvecchio of Verona.
Castelvecchio of Verona.

9. Castelvecchio

Located very close to the historic area, this medieval military fortress has become the Civic Museum. In addition to the works of art it houses, the building itself is worth visiting.

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Lake Garda, very close to Verona.
Lake Garda, very close to Verona.

10. Castle San Pietro and Lake Garda

Totally different from the previous one, one of the main reasons for going up to this castle is the Panoramic views that are obtained from the city. Only from there can you see the route of the Adyge river as it passes through Verona and the number of towers that dot its profile. Special mention to Stone bridge, the oldest in the city.

And if you are left wanting more romantic plans you can visit the lake Garda, located less than an hour from Verona. The most charming and romantic spot is, without a doubt, the small town of Sirmione.

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