He Santiago’s road, one of the most emblematic and traveled pilgrimage routes in Europe, offers an enriching experience that transcends the simple act of walking a trail. For those looking to undertake this journey in Spain, choosing the right moment is essentialsince factors such as the influx of pilgrims and weather conditions can make a difference.

When is the best time to do the Camino de Santiago? According to the experience of numerous pilgrims, May It is positioned as one of the most favorable months. During this period, the temperatures are pleasant, without yet reaching the intense summer heat, and although it is possible to find some crowds on the route, the peak of influx has not yet been reached. In addition, the beginning of autumn They are also favorablewhen the winter cold has not yet arrived and the summer heat is already behind us.

Shikisai no Oka.

The magical garden with thousands of colorful flowers that you should visit this spring

Furthermore, in this era, services along the way, such as shelters are still available and less crowded compared to the summer months. On the other hand, it is in July and August when registering greater influx of pilgrims, especially on the most popular routes. Although temperatures in some areas of the Camino de Santiago are not usually excessively high, it is important to consider that the heat and the crowds of pilgrims, both on the route and in the hostels, tend to be greater during this period.

Winter, an option for the most adventurous

For those intrepid who wish to undertake the Camino de Santiago during the winter months, it is crucial to take into account some considerations. Many shelters close its doors during this season and It is essential to be well equipped to face the cold, rain, frost and even snow. However, the reward for the brave ones who dare to travel the route at this time is the possibility of enjoying unique landscapes and less crowded trails.

This spectacular castle is located in Germany, between Koblenz and Trier, and has belonged to the same family for more than 800 years, totaling more than 30 generations.  It is a construction that has never been destroyed and is of great beauty.

One of Europe’s treasures: the medieval castle at the top of a forest that has been in the same family for eight centuries

In short, choosing the ideal time to walk the Camino de Santiago is key to fully enjoying this transformative experience. Whether spring, autumn or even winter, each season offers its own charm and challenges. The essential thing is to be well informed, prepared and willing to adapt to the circumstances, in order to fully immerse yourself in the magic of this ancient path that has captivated pilgrims for centuries.

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