The beautiful landscapes that Asturias treasures They are the perfect setting for hiking. Here are some of the best-known in Spain, such as the Ruta del Cares or Senda del Oso.

Another very popular route is the call Route of the Xanas, a spectacular itinerary that takes us through a gorge. Along the way, in addition to the impressive views, we will come across open caves, an old mine and a riverside forest.

Town of Abiegos.

The town of Asturias hidden between mountains where you can do hiking routes

Route of the Xanas

The Route of the Xanas is low difficultyruns a total of 3.8 kilometers and lasts 1 hour and a half (one way) and a difference in altitude of 358 meters. The starting point is a recreational area with parking located next to the town of Villanuevain the municipality of Santo Adriano.

Route of the Xanas.
Route of the Xanas.

From here we will begin to walk through an area full of stones, leaving the Proaza valley behind. Little by little we will ascend and enter the incredible Xanas Gorge. This term refers to a character from Asturian mythology, who describes the xanas as little fairies They live in river caves and fountains.

The path through the gorge is truly dizzying, and we will advance through a narrow path dug into the steep rock wall. This was created in the 1950s to connect the towns of Santo Adriano, Quirós and Proaza, but the works were never completed and the place became an impressive tourist attraction.

Xanas Gorge.
Xanas Gorge.

we will cross several tunnels and we will pass by “stalactites from ancient caves opened in the limestone and that the river cut, leaving them exposed”, details from Turismo de Asturias. We will even find vestiges of the important mining past of the area, specifically the mouth of an old mine in the middle of the route.

The path opens and we pass to a wooded area with beech trees, where we will cross the Viescas River over a wooden bridge. Finally, we will only have to climb through a meadow until we reach the town of Pedroveya, next to the Pedroveya church. After resting and visiting the town, we will have to retrace our steps and reach the starting point in Villanueva.

Views from the Mirador de la Cruz de Priena.

The hiking route to one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Asturias

How to get to Villanueva

He car ride from the city of Oviedo It is only 30 minutes to Villanueva via the A-63 and the AS-228.

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