In the heart of the province of Alicante hides a natural and architectural treasure of incalculable value: the Tibi swamp. Located in a remote place between the municipal areas of Tibi and Xixona, this reservoir is one of the oldest in Europe, a witness to centuries of history and a source of indescribable beauty. It has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC).

The Tibi reservoir, from the 16th century

Built in the 16th century in order to ensure the water supply for the city of Alicantethe Tibi reservoir is considered a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering. Your bow damwith an imposing height of 46 meters, It began operating in 1594, according to City Hall sources, marking a milestone in water management in the region. The importance of this infrastructure transcends the local, since it contributed significantly to the development of the Alicante orchard by regulating the flow of the Montnegre River.

Although it currently shows signs of abandonment, the Tibi swamp It retains its splendor and remains a destination worth exploring.

Tibi reservoir (Alicante).
Tibi reservoir (Alicante).

Access to this route

The Web page of Tourism of the Generalitat Valenciana explains: “It is a place with a special beauty, where you will love to take photographs, and which is easy to get to! From Tibi you can get there by car, in just about twenty minutes, or by foot, on a route of about two or three hours.

The Valencian Community, with its rich history, culture and natural beauty, provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with nature while exploring extraordinary landscapes on foot or by bicycle.

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To get to the Tibi reservoir, take exit 482 of the A7 motorway (Alicante-Castalla). You will find the BP–Xirau service station and the Mesón Maigmó next to the exit.

After passing the gas station and the inn, take the road to the right that indicates “Pantano”. The route is simple and signposted, with a path in good condition to the base of the dam. The slope is somewhat steep, but nothing exaggerated.

To access the upper area of ​​the dam, you must follow a path with an irregular surface, stones and some sloping sections. Although it is short, the reward of seeing the dam from above is well worth it. In total, the complete route (round trip) does not reach 5 kilometers.

Distance: Less than 5 kilometers (round trip)

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Els Arcs.

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Tibi reservoir (Alicante).
Tibi reservoir (Alicante).

As we move forward, a old building with signs of deterioration appears on our horizon, offering a unique panoramic view of the Tibi reservoir from above. As we skirt this structure, we head towards the preywhere a string prohibits direct access.

Despite the semi-ruined state, the Tibi swamp has not lost its charm or its historical importance. Initiatives like the Terra Projectestablished in 2022, seek to revitalize this heritage and natural treasure, restoring its splendor and preserving its legacy for future generations.

Tips for this adventure route

Tibi reservoir (Alicante).
Tibi reservoir (Alicante).

Explore the Tibi Swamp It is an experience that deserves to be lived with care and respect. It is recommended to keep the trails and their surroundings clean and avoid leaving trash. For those traveling with children, constant vigilance is essential, especially in areas without safe railings.

Furthermore, it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for walking in mountainous terrain, especially during the summer months when shade is scarce.

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