The Tenerife island It is a true paradise on earth. In this Canarian territory we can enter extremely different enclaves, from volcanic landscapes in El Teide to laurel forests in the Anaga Rural Park, passing through other impressive places such as the Los Gigantes Cliffs, the Orotava Valley and the Erjos ponds. , without forgetting the spectacular beaches of the island.

To be able to see these natural spaces first-hand, it is best to enter them with a hiking route. For example, in the Anaga Rural Park is where we find the so-called Las Vueltas trailwhich takes us to one of the most beautiful towns in Tenerife.

Town hall in the center of La Orotava.  Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

The town of Tenerife that is a hidden treasure among gardens: historic center, history and unique viewpoints

The Las Vueltas trail

The Las Vueltas trail was “constituted, very recently, the only means of communication in the town of Taganana with Santa Cruz and La Laguna”, they explain from Turismo de Tenerife. It was named that way because, according to tradition, it has as many days as there are days in the year. Today, it has become a perfect tourist attraction for hiking lovers.

Anaga Rural Park.
Anaga Rural Park.

The route is medium difficultyextends for 4.5 kilometers and lasts around 2 hours and 30 minutes. The starting point is the park’s Casa Forestal, next to the TF-12 main road. From there a dirt road starts, with which we will begin to gain altitude.

Little by little we will go up surrounded by a dense forest mass of beech and heather, and we will come across a cave. It is at that moment when the path becomes a descent, and immerses us fully in a laurel forest. In addition, at some points we can see the original paving that this path once had.


Shortly after, the trees diminish and reveal a unique panoramic view of the coast. We continue walking until the Los Naranjos road and, after crossing it, we will take a cobblestone path that finally takes us to the Taganana people.

children playing on the beach.  Sand and water

The best beaches to go with children on the island of Tenerife

This town gives us a dream postcard, in which the traditional white houses They are staggered on the side of the green mountain, the waters of the Atlantic as a companion. In its core we will find some historical buildings of interest, such as the Church of Our Lady of the Snowsone of the oldest on the entire island of Tenerife.

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