He Hueznar River It is one of the tributaries of the Guadalquivir and, despite not being very long, it does have several points that are worth a visit. The star of its course are the waterfalls that form a few kilometers from its source. A landscape that since 2001 has been cataloged as a Natural Monument.

The landscape formed by the Huéznar waterfalls a few kilometers from its source is listed as a National Monument.

Located in the Sierra Norte Natural Park of Seville, getting to these waterfalls is very easy and comfortable. They are located very near San Nicolás del Puerto, about 30 minutes from Cazalla de la Sierra. Once there, you have to go to the El Martinete recreational area, where you will find plenty of parking and a restaurant with the same name. The perfect place to meet before the excursion or to recharge your batteries at the end. From here the trail is very well marked and the route is considered easy level. If you only walk the marked path, the total is two kilometers, although at some points it is inevitable to go out and lengthen the walk a little longer.

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The natural park with waterfalls, hidden pools and curious rock formations in the shape of needles

San Nicolás del Puerto, in the Sierra Norte of Seville.
San Nicolás del Puerto, in the Sierra Norte of Seville.

Among a lush forest

The walk to the waterfalls is a delight as you cross a thick forest made up of elms, ashes, willows and alders. You just have to follow the marked path until you start to hear the sound of falling water.

This succession of waterfalls is different due to the terrain, since peculiar limestone formations known as travertines. This is due to the deposition of calcium carbonate that is found in high concentrations on the organic matter in the environment. So, the water seems to slide between fun slides until you reach a large pool (depending on the rain, its depth varies). This succession of small jumps is known as “The Chorreras”. In those always crystal clear waters we can find goshawk trout, crabs, leper pond turtles, trout and otters. But not bathers, since bathing is prohibited here.

Visit by boat along the underground river of the Coves de Sant Josep (Vall d'Uixó, Castellón).

The longest navigable underground river in Europe is in Spain: price of the visit and the activities you can do

Banks with picnic areas.
Banks with picnic areas.

The dip

If the temperatures call for it, don’t worry about not being able to swim at this point. You just have to go up the riverbed a few kilometers to get to a beach where bathing is allowed. It’s about the San Nicolas beach and it is perfectly equipped for you to enjoy these waters and the wonderful surroundings.

Yellow Train.

Discover the train route with the best panoramic views of the Pyrenees

Waterfalls of the Huéznar or Huesna river.
Waterfalls of the Huéznar or Huesna river.

The beginning

Or the end of the route must be birth of the Huéznar river. Here we also find a recreational area where we can park and a picnic area. Furthermore, right at this point it crosses the Sierra Norte Greenway, so it is usually very visited.

To determine the exact point where the river originates, you have to look at an area from which small bubbles emerge. This is because the water seeps through a fault in the ground, thus giving rise to a new river. The environment is equally cared for and conditioned. Ideal to spend a full day surrounded by nature.

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