Throughout the province of Valencia, the hiking lovers You will be able to enjoy many options to enjoy nature. The Chelva water route or the Pantaneros routes, in Chulilla, are just some options.

Another very interesting route in these lands of eastern Spain is the Ebron Footprints routean itinerary along the banks of this river that takes us through walkways, bridges, caves, waterfalls and even the remains of a convent and a hydroelectric power plant.

Purgatory Waterfall.

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Ebron Footprints Route

The Footprints of the Ebron route is part of the municipality of Castielfabib, in the Rincón de Ademuz region. This town brims with nature on all sides, which adds to its historical, architectural and gastronomic heritage.

Castielfabib town.
Castielfabib town.

This circular routewith which we can complete with a tourist visit to the town, extends for 5.95 km, which takes around 3 hours and 15 minutes. The difficulty is low and the accumulated difference is 342 meters, so it is perfect to do with children. The starting point is the town itself and the path is always signposted.

We will head towards the north of the town, walking briefly along the CV-479 highway, and we will enter a cave on which the church-fortress is built. On the other side we will find a path that leaves the asphalt and takes us down towards an area of ​​vegetation, and then goes up a cobblestone path that passes through the Old Town.

Photography Route of the Footprints of the Ebron.
Photography Route of the Footprints of the Ebron.

The itinerary continues passing through the La Ruidera bridge over the bed of the Ebron River and the ruins of the convent of San Guillermo“an ancient Franciscan monastery linked to William of Poitiers, Duke of Aquitaine, who supported Alfonso I of Aragon, between 1120 and 1123, in his military campaigns,” they explain from the Castielfabib Town Hall. From this point we will have incredible views of the Ebron Sickles they are spectacular.

The next stop will be Hituelo Caves, at the end of a short detour to the left. Inside, surprising rock formations await us. Returning to the main path, we will descend next to enormous rock walls and the tubes that carry the water to a power station. The next thing will be to take a detour to the right to a viewpoint with a spectacular panoramic view. We will return to the track and finally we will only have to go up a path to reach the old town of Castielfabib againentering through the southern part.

Remains of the Guillermo Convent on the Huellas del Ebron route.
Remains of the Convent of San Guillermo on the Huellas del Ebron route.

How to get to Castielfabib by car

He car ride from the city of Valencia to Castielfabib is 2 hours via the A-3 and the N-330. From Castellón de la Plana It is 2 hours and 20 minutes on the A-23.

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