The arrival of good weather invites us to do outdoor activities, enjoy nature and the beautiful landscapes that we find in every corner of Spain. One of the most desirable plans are hiking trailsespecially if they lead us to a final surprise, as is the case of the Belelle Waterfall.

This 45 meter high waterfall is very little known and is hidden in the As Fragas do Eume Natural Park, in the province of A Coruña. We can reach it through a simple route suitable for all levels, even it is accessible for children. In short, it is an ideal activity to do as a family.

Purgatory Waterfall.

The surprising waterfall that can be reached with a hiking route through the Sierra Norte of Madrid

Route to the Belelle Waterfall

The Fragas do Eume Natural Park is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful green spaces not only in Galicia, but in all of Spain. There is born Belelle Riversurrounded by oaks, ferns, chestnuts, birches and ashes, and leaving incredible views in its wake until its mouth into the Ferrol estuary.

Belelle waterfall.
Belelle waterfall.

The Belelle Waterfall launches the waters of this river with force, creating a magical natural spectacle. To get to it we can take a hiking route of just half an hour from a parking lot on the outskirts of the village of O Roxal, in the municipality of Neda. From there a path begins that takes us into a leafy wooded area.

Stop Bridge to the Ínsua de Seivane.

The hiking route in Galicia through a suspension bridge and an island in the middle of a river

Along this path parallel to the Belelle River, we will find some stone ruins of old millsas well as a hydroelectric power station. From this last point, we will only have to walk a few last meters until we reach the waterfall.

Belelle waterfall.
Belelle waterfall.

The waterfall will surprise us with its 45 meter drop, which falls with great noise onto two pools of water at the base. In fact, in the hottest months, many hikers take the opportunity to take a dip in these refreshing natural pools. After resting and enjoying the waterfall, we will only have to retrace our steps to return to the parking lot.

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