In Madrid there are numerous hiking trails for all types of people, whether they are trekking lovers, nature enthusiasts, or simply families with children who want to enjoy the outdoors away from the daily hustle and bustle of the capital of Spain. Furthermore, the vast majority of them are near the metropolis, so they are ideal to go spend a Sunday morning and meet incredible people in the community.

One of the most spectacular is 100 kilometers away of the city of Madrid, specifically in the municipal area of ​​Somosierra, a town of just 85 inhabitants that is one of the quietest in the entire community. Just a few minutes from town is the tallest waterfall in the entire regionbut just as impressive is the route you have to complete to get to it.

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La Chorrera de los Litueros in Somosierra

Beautiful pasture, Somosierra
Dehesa Bonita, Somosierra

The waterfall in question is Chorrera de los Litueros, which is also the highest waterfall in all of Madrid thanks to its 40 meters. The flow coming from the union between the Arroyo de las Pedrizas and the Duratón River It is usually constant throughout the year, so approaching this impressive enclave is a great option at any time; In addition, it is very close to the incredible forest of the Dehesa Bonita.

The starting point of this extraordinary journey is equally incredible, since the route begins in the Hermitage of Our Lady of Solitude, erected in the 17th century, and although the first sections of the path are hardly difficult for anyone, since they barely have a slope and the terrain is not excessively rocky. The final part does have its that due to its steps and their steep slope, so you have to be especially careful if you reach the waterfall, which runs between large blocks of granite stone.

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The length of the route is 1.64 kilometers, so it can be done in just a few minutes. While traveling this distance you can admire the large number of old scratchers that flank a path that has more negative than positive slope. A route of little difficulty ideal for go with the whole family or friends to spend a day of relaxation on the outskirts of Madrid.

How to get to the Chorrera de los Litueros

To get from Madrid to this incredible waterfall, the first thing you have to do is take the M-30 and then to M-40 in Fuentelarreina. Subsequently, you have to take the A-1 exit in Las Tablas, and then take the exit towards the NI. Once on this road, you will only need to get to the town of Somosierra.

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