In the Osona regionto the North of the province of Barcelonahides one of the most spectacular natural treasures not only in Catalonia but of all Spain: he Salt of Sallent. This majestic waterfall, with its imposing 115 meters of vertical dropis the highest in Catalonia, and its beauty leaves no one indifferent.

Rupit, starting point

The starting point for this exciting adventure is the charming town of Rupita place where time seems to stop between its cobbled alleys and its medieval style houses. Rupit, located in the Osona region, is much more than the beginning of a hiking route; It is a destination in itself that invites you to get lost among its mountainous landscapes and pure air.

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7.1 kilometer circular walk

The route to Salt de Sallent is a circular walk of approximately 7.1 kilometerswith a positive slope of 348 meters. It is a route suitable for the whole family, from the little ones to the most experienced hikers. The best time to undertake this journey is May to Novemberwhen nature awakens in all its splendor and the flow of the waterfall reaches its maximum splendor.

Salt del Sallent waterfall, in Barcelona.
Salt del Sallent waterfall, in Barcelona.

From Rupit, the trail takes us through the picturesque Riera de Rupitaccompanied by the whisper of water and the singing of birds. Along the way, we find various points of interest, such as the Mirador del Salto de Sallent, Mirador del Bassis and the hermitage of Santa Magdalenawhich offer spectacular panoramic views of the region.

Easy route, but with demanding sections

The route, although mostly easy and well signposted, has some more demanding sections, especially at the beginning and end. However, heThe reward for the effort is worth itsince at the viewpoint, located at the highest point of the trail, you can enjoy extraordinary views that invite you to stop and contemplate the beauty of the surroundings, ideal for a well-deserved picnic.

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What to bring on the hike: from shoes to water

It is important to be prepared for the walk, with appropriate footwear, water and some snacks to recharge your batteries along the way. Additionally, in summer, it is essential to keep in mind that the waterfall can be dry in August, so it is advisable to check the conditions before planning the excursion.

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The route culminates with the imposing view of the Salt de Sallent, where the roaring waters fall with force creating a impressive natural spectacle. This majestic waterfall, fed by the Rupit stream, is a natural treasure that deserves to be discovered and admired in all its grandeur.

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