The British press remains faithful to recommending to its readerss tourist destinations in Spainand the diary The Sunone of the most read in the United Kingdom, is one of those that does it the most.

A few days ago, the London newspaper published a report dedicated to a small Spanish town which stands out as one of the most beautiful in our geographyamong other virtues.

Is about Parauta, in the province of Malaga, a town with just over 200 inhabitants and which belongs to the Association of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain.


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From Parauta, located deep in the rugged Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, he says The Sun that “it is the perfect place to spend a quiet day, strolling among the white stone properties and contemplating the landscape of the valley”.

“Clean water reaches the city even from the hills and can be drink fresh from the fountains”, highlights the report, which adds that “the nearby forests are enchanted, since some of the oldest fir and oak trees in the world grow there.”

And also, The Sun recommends enjoying its cuisine, specifically dishes such as tomato soups, the rabbit with rice, gazpachuelo and the traditional ‘olla’, a dish made with pork and beans.