Many take advantage of the Easter to take a trip through Europe or take a getaway somewhere in Spain for a modest price. This religious festival is usually a great opportunity to visit cities that you have never traveled to before, and there are few cities as interesting and with so many places to see. like Barcelona, And Barcelona is one of the destinations with the most tourists in the entire country for a multitude of reasons.

From the usual processions on the most important days of Holy Week to the obligatory visits to their monuments more symbolic, Barcelona has a multitude of tourist attractions and activities to spend unforgettable days in the capital of Catalonia, and you can even take excursions to amusement parks or natural environments extraordinary.

Toledo, Spain.

The Spanish city that ‘The Sun’ recommends visiting for its wines and cheeses

Visit its most emblematic monuments

Park Güell in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
Park Güell in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

You cannot visit Barcelona without visiting some of its most famous enclaves, such as the impressive Sacred Family, the impressive Park Güell or the incredible cathedral. Furthermore, to get to know the true essence of Barcelona you have to walk through some of its most important areas, such as the Gothic Quarter. On the other hand, if the weather is good, you can always spend a few hours in the La Barceloneta beach.

Try the typical calçots


Since Lent and until Holy Week, calçots become protagonists of Catalan gastronomy. This variety of onions, which is served with Romescu sauce, is one of the most typical dishes of Catalonia cuisine, and this is the best time to be able to taste them. Therefore, if you are in Barcelona at this time, it is a ‘must’ to try this delicatessen so well known throughout Spain.

An Easter egg workshop

Easter cake with chocolate eggs
Easter cake with chocolate eggs

Another of the most typical sweets consumed during Holy Week is mona, a kind of roscón which is usually accompanied with traditional Easter eggs. During these religious festivals, the Barcelona Chocolate Museum organizes numerous workshops to learn how to make these sweets that are so widespread throughout the world, so it can be an ideal activity if you are traveling with the whole family.

Take an excursion to spectacular enclaves

Monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai
Monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai

Although Barcelona has numerous monuments that you must visit no matter what, it is always a good idea to get away from the bustling city and get to know other enclaves and environments equally spectacular, and near Barcelona there are multiple places that leave anyone perplexed. He Monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai, which sits on a ravine, the region of Osona or the beautiful town of Cardedeu These are just some of the options for a short but incredible getaway.

Zuda Castle, Tortosa, Tarragona

The town on the banks of the Ebro River with Muslim heritage, historic buildings and boat rides

Experience first-hand a procession in Barcelona

The auxiliary bishop of Barcelona, ​​Sergi Gordo, blessing the palms of the faithful this Palm Sunday in front of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
Palm Sunday in Barcelona.

Barcelona was one of the first cities of Spain in celebrating the Holy Week processions, so experiencing one of the many that are celebrated in the city can also be a great experience. The most famous is that of Palm Sunday, Although throughout the entire festival the brotherhoods take to the streets so that parishioners can worship the most important religious figures.

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