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A couple with two daughters buys a house in the neighborhood.

colony Los CarmenesConstruction began in 1927 in the Chamartín district of Madrid. The architect was Luis de Sala. The 65 homes were originally intended for state employees. There are 6 types of housing. It has two heights and a site area of ​​approximately 250 meters. Some of the exposed brick stands out against the cement stucco of the facade. Like many other historic areas of Madrid, a generational change is occurring. This is the story of a couple with two girls who recently moved into the neighborhood. This couple is one of the most common profiles among new neighbors.

She (V.) and he (A.) are 42 years old. They originated on the coasts of the Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. An only daughter and the youngest of three siblings. She holds degrees in translation and interpretation and journalism. Until then, each and every one of them. They met in Madrid in 2005 while studying for master’s degrees and began dating. Two years later they moved in together. First, let’s go to Rastro. For rent. The apartment is 70m2. Then they bought an apartment 50 meters near Paja Square. They moved to the Ibiza area on rent. And they rented an apartment. His two daughters were born there. In January 2023, they bought a house in the historic district of Madrid. They released it in August.

This was the path to conversation in the kitchen of their new home.

Single-family home in Los Carmenes neighborhood.

the beginning

To: For many years we traveled by car to visit the colonies. We did it just to see. Because we like architecture and the house is so beautiful. Fuente del Bello, that of the baby Jesus…but now we considered them unattainable.

V: Well, you went to Idealista from time to time… I have some friends who live in Prosperida, so we thought of it as a possibility. It’s a small and very nice house. And people who live in the neighborhood always have great things to say about what it’s like to live there.

To: Rent prices in Ibiza were going up, so we started thinking about the possibility of finding a house in our neighborhood. We started crunching the numbers and looking into it. We also made an offer to the socialist district.

V: Good thing they didn’t accept it. The war in Ukraine would have broken out soon, and prices would have skyrocketed, so we would not have been able to begin any reforms. It was a very nice house, so I was both relieved and disappointed at the same time.

To: Meanwhile, we won’t stop looking at apartments, right? But of course it wasn’t quite what we wanted. And since we were moving away from the center, we wanted something special.

Neighbors in the Los Carmenes neighborhood walk down one of the streets.

this is home

V: When we first saw her…she was terrible. However, she was barely touched at all from the beginning. And here lived a family with five children. After her parents died, it was the children who put it up for sale. Everything was compartmentalized. I had to approach it with an open spatial mind to see what I could turn it into. We also came after doing our homework on the offers we had made to the socialist colonies. We knew what could be reformed and what could not be reformed.

To: I also liked the context. It’s not urbanization, it’s coming into neighborhoods. A mix of elderly and young people could be seen on the streets. We’ve already been through two gentrification processes…and note, we are very defenders of the center. If we win the EuroMillions, we’ll buy a penthouse overlooking Retiro in Menéndez Pelayo.

V: We ended our visit thinking we liked it here and wanted to live here. I could see more clearly that he had a hard time leaving the center than I did.

To: And financially it was doing very well. We lived in a way that allowed us to save money, and that meant taking all of our savings and putting it into a house. I was scared.

Single-family home in Los Carmenes neighborhood.

Purchase and refurbishment

To: We visited 3 times. When we finally talked to the architect, he told us that he loved this house, that it was great, and that it had everything it deserved, like all homes in the Colony. However, he believed there were no structural problems and many opportunities. When we told him the price he said it made sense.

V: Everything was very fast. We started visiting in October, signed the deposit agreement and by Christmas decided, “Yeah, let’s do it.” We then started looking for a mortgage with the goal of not selling our house in La Latina. At the same time, since we are paying rent, we talked with the architect to get the construction done as quickly as possible. Everything but the roof, floors and structure had to be thrown away.

To: We signed the purchase on January 17, 2023. I wanted to go celebrate, but she had to go back to her job. It was really a little sad.

V: We started a WhatsApp group with architects. The first thing they said to us was, “Write to the Three Wise Men, and we’ll give you a budget for terror.”

To: That fear was interesting. we couldn’t pay it. The Aerothermal alone cost him 30,000 euros. We ease our environmental conscience by thinking of installing solar panels….

One of the main streets of Los Carmenes district.
Pigeons are flying among the tree tops.

V: The problem was that it didn’t even understand small items, so I could only delete large items. You must also consider all elements that are protected. You need to adapt your expectations to the regulations. And I have homework every night. And why deceive yourself, since it will cause conflict? We have never been so angry in our lives.

To: The discussion wasn’t about minutiae like electrical outlets, but about issues that were important to both of us. And I have a theory that one of us has to make concessions. If we don’t, we’ll both be dissatisfied. Thankfully, we have more or less similar tastes.

(Note: The big problem was where to put the TV, a task that ultimately forced me to put the TV in its current location due to connectivity issues).

V: And there were delays. An important element of this house is the staircase, and it so happened that the locksmith who made it for us was an Orthodox Christian and was away for two weeks celebrating Easter. That caused chain delays. Each family reminded us that we would not arrive on July 14th, the date we had set for ourselves.

To: The works are like children and the Spanish team, everyone has an opinion. But architects were lucky. They stayed within our budget and we understood each other very well.

There are two trash cans on the sidewalk in my neighborhood.

live in a colony

To: Our first night here was August 17th…Inside the box, the house was unfinished. We were planning to leave Madrid this month, so it wasn’t too stressful. I relocated with people who were still working there. Yes, I came without the girls.

V: It was very exciting. I cried when we moved everything out of our previous house… Our two daughters were born there, we went through a pandemic… But our first time here The night was so wonderful. Women hanging out in the fresh air, children playing on the street…

To: And the noise, in Ibiza you couldn’t open the windows. You can hear people walking and talking here. And the birds.

V: It seems like my daughters still have a bit of a summer vacation feeling after coming to this house. In fact, they go out to sell things at their doorsteps on the weekends, just like in the city. The girl says it was like that before. madrid house. This is not a city for her.

past, present and future. Or vice versa.

V: This leaves details like the shelves and patio in the living room.

To: Especially the patios, they have two great patios where you can go outside and make paella for your friends. ” (Note: They are already making paella for their friends).

V: There is a possibility to invite even more people here, which makes us particularly excited. And I’m already feeling a little bit of colonial pride, eh? When I say an address, I say the street, number, and neighborhood name.

To: If you think about it, that’s a very good thing. Living here will close a circle that started with travel almost 20 years ago.

V: Yes, who was going to tell us? See if you can take some time after work to hang up the pictures and really enjoy your home.

The speed limit for passenger cars in the area is 30km/h.

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