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Cherishing heritage without mummification

Jaume rehabilitation, Anna and Eugenie Bach They updated Alesan House, a modernist building by Enric Facio y Torras, next to Palau Macaya by Josep Pucci y Cadafalci. Therefore, a serious rescue is needed that includes not only the existing heritage but also the ability to imagine a future beyond mummification.

Therefore, this restoration is an update. That is, sanitization and expansion. Architects have preserved their respective artistic professions, from marble masons to plasterers and glaziers, including blacksmiths, and Droz Aasen entrusted them with the exterior of his home. And Alesan’s new home maintains a cover that allows light to pass through the hydraulic floor and stairs. The stucco decoration is restored on the ceiling, and the usual stained glass windows appear new on the facade stands. However, the building is different.

It currently houses a crown with 16 homes and two duplexes in addition to the regular units. With a roof finish visible only from the block patio, it doubles the number of homes without compromising the character of the property.

Inside of Alessan House extension.

Cataloging and restoring the building and existing finishes is therefore contrasted with redefining the perimeter of the space and adding volume to the top of the site. This addition aims to be neutral, but not cold. Therefore, it is announced that in the hall there are vertical wooden slats, and the roof is made of stoneware with a semicircular cross section. To relate to the work of craftsmen from an abstract perspective. The threads of renewal are material and chromatic. It leads to the roof, and this recessed body will house the new apartment. This addition is like a lifeguard who preserves the building, cares for it, and projects it toward a living, non-mummified future.

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