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Madrid taxis go to everyone

Madrid taxis go everywhere.Even up to vail ski resortColorado.

Sandra Hernández, an industrial engineer from Madrid, went to Denver for several months after being assigned a project by her company. One day, her coworker asked her if she would like to spend her weekend skiing at her resort in Vail, which is about an hour and a half away in her car. He said yes and they went there.

Two American women in their 60s (one named Cindy) were taking a break in a hot spring when they entered the bath. One of them heard Sandra saying something in Spanish and asked if she was Spanish.

“I was born in Torrejon,” he tells her. We lived in Madrid and had some neighbors who became very good friends. His father was a painter. His name was Garubayo. Fernando Garbayo.

At this point, Sandra’s face changes.

–Fermin, his name is Fermin.

“I think it was Fernando,” Cindy answered, thinking that Garbayo might be a very common surname in Spain.

– No, his name was Fermin and he was my grandfather.

The person whose face changes here is Cindy.

-I remember seeing a drawing of a naked man and woman on the door of my house.

–Yes, it’s grandpa and grandma.

The doors they mention represent Adam and Eve with the faces of graphic artists and painters. Fermin Hernandez Garbayo and his wife, Mercedes de Lucas. It is still there, although it has been opened and closed by different families.

“Who knows how many coincidences it would take for someone who lived in this neighborhood, and who lives in Austin, to find themselves 60 years later in a hot tub at a ski resort in Colorado with their neighbor’s granddaughter?” “Are you there?” asks Saul Hernández, 64, from Madrid, at the front door of his home. santo angel districtin Ciudad Riner.

A man walks in the Santo Angel district.

“This colony was built in 1956. Madrid Auto Taxi Cooperative. A house was drawn between the taxi driver’s licenses. My grandfather got it. We came here in 1961 when he was 3 years old,” says Saul. The Whitney family immigrated to Spain because Cindy’s father, Fain, was a pilot who came to work at the Torrejon base. “Many taxi drivers had separate houses in the center that they rented out to Americans. He remembers that he was there, and he also remembers his wife. Betty and her other children, Kathy, Susie, and Danny. “Danny and I became good friends. In fact, when they transferred my father to the base in Stuttgart, I went to spend the summer with them. Unforgettable”.

Sandra and Cindy exchanged email addresses. Ms. Fine is now 89 years old and a widow. “The other day he sent me a photo that I believe is from 1962, and it shows Kathy, Suzie, Danny, my sister, and me. The illustrated door and my parents’ Renault 44. “I can see it,” Saul says.

Single family home in Santo Angel district.

“Americans were the ideal people to rent these homes. They were tenants who resembled their lifestyle, had high purchasing power, and knew they wouldn’t live there for years, so they rented I liked it because it meant I wouldn’t be in trouble with the law,” explains Angeles Montero. 69 years old (Madrid), architect – “I also started art, but I was interested in becoming financially independent.” – Daughter of a taxi driver. He arrived at the colony when he was three years old.

Angeles said the district’s unique urban design “responses to the development of problematic projects.” In principle, it was planned to be a semi-detached house, but due to various issues with the management, we had no choice but to build a semi-detached house. That meant we had to downsize the house to fit in the space we had there. And the work became so expensive that some people had to quit their jobs. ”

The original house was about 300 feet long and divided into two floors, with a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom downstairs, and four bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. “It’s a very well-built house.The foundation is very deep because it took advantage of the unevenness of the ground.Indeed, the distinctive brick on the first floor of the facade was very expensive at the time, so it had a lot of sand and was made with cement. The original house had a plinth with granite veneer, exposed brick on the first floor, and white or ivory stucco or cladding on the second floor. . Gable roof with curved tiles.

A two-story detached house located in the Santo Angel neighborhood.

If you go down Calle Santo Angel you will reach the shopping area. At that time there was a bakery, a fishmonger, a fruit shop and a dairy shop. There is also a butcher shop run by Herminia Muñoz (87 years old) and Agustín Calleja (88 years old) for nearly 50 years. They were born in Valdesandinas and Besilla de la Vega, two towns 11 kilometers apart in La Bañesa (León). They met in Madrid. they have six children.

A car parked inside a house in the Santo Angel neighborhood.

“We had a very good relationship with our customers. I remember almost everything. The Americans brought us diapers from the Torrejon base,” says Herminia. “We didn’t have a problem because we trusted people. We put it on paper and that was it. What we sold the most was steak. Agustín was at the slaughterhouse. Because they had special meats that they chose. They were open every morning and afternoon. When they started closing on Saturdays, people would complain. Even now, when I pass by neighbors, I remember when I was a kid. They tell me they remember the steak very well because they were eating it, and of course we remember them too.”

――Then, which meat did you like the most?

-Flaps and hips.

In front of the commercial area is the workshop of the Madrileña de Servicios de Autotaxi Association. It has been open since the colony was built.

Since that meeting at Vail Hot Springs, the Whitneys and Garbayos have kept in touch via email. “If I had lived in that moment, I would have paid for it!” Saul says. He is one month away from retirement. When he says that, his smile fades a little. Now it is irreplaceable.

In the Santo Angel neighborhood, trees completely cover the streets.

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