Maestro Joao has surprised again this Thursday with his section of zapping. And the futurologist has talked about reincarnationand for this reason he has pointed out what the program’s collaborators were in their other lives.

“I have had to get involved in all the reincarnation and past lives, and there are many comings and goings,” the futurologist introduced. The La Sexta program collaborator has detailed that has been “looking” at the past of his colleagues.

“For example (Dani Mateo) was an Egyptian who sold fabrics from top to bottom”, he indicated. In the case of Valeria Ros, she “was a witch” who was burned, according to Master Joao. “I still am,” the aforementioned joked.

The collaborator of zapping He continued talking about each collaborator present. “And the (Iñaki Urrutia) belongs to the West. “He really liked guns and all that,” said the psychic.

On the other hand, Master Joao has surprised with the profession of Miki Nadal in the past: “He was a Celtic king”. The situation has become more macabre when the futurologist has indicated what María Gómez was in the past: “she was a murderous maid.” “That’s true. I love murders,” said the collaborator calmly.

Valeria Ros in 'Zapando'.

Valeria Ros recounts the time she was fired: “They didn’t even let me enter the office”

Dani Mateo then asked Master Joao “how many lives” he has gone through: “There is a maximum number of reincarnationswhich are 13. And I’ve been through a few of mine.”

I always had very bad things happen to meit gives me courage… At least this one has touched me next to Miki, which is a good thing,” the futurologist launched, in a humorous way.