First Dates It has become one of the best-known programs to find a partner. That is why Germán, 56, came to him with the hope of having his dream again. After a divorce, he no longer left the house at night because, as he stated: “Love is not sought, it is found.”

That’s how he met Monica, who was also divorced like him. At dinner, everything seemed to go very well.. She was looking for a man who would kiss “her soul without undressing her”: “A relationship with a person who from the beginning was subtle. Beautiful, like those from before.”

To which he couldn’t be happier because they both had “many things in common.” Mónica wanted to share and Germán did not hesitate to suggest that she visit Cádiz and a “monogamy”, since neither of them likes “the modernities of now.”

That’s why, when push came to shove, everything was “good, good.” “You are the Beast and I am Beauty,” Monica told him between laughs, but with a nuance: “small beast, but a gentleman, very gentleman.” The connection, like in the Disney movie, was instantaneous.

Richel, in 'First Dates'.

Richel, in ‘First Dates’: “I have never had sex with someone who didn’t know how to dance”

Holding hands and happy to have met, They both gave a resounding “yes” to the opportunity to go on a second date again. The only thing left is to continue getting to know each other more to confirm if what they feel is love.