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Residents of another building adjacent to the collapsed one in Badalona are evicted

Residents of the building at Calle Canigo 11 in Badalona (Barcelona), a block adjacent to the building that collapsed a few weeks ago and killed three people, were put under precautionary measures on Tuesday this week after a joint assessment by the fire brigade and city authorities. It was decided that he would be evicted. architect .

Sources from the emergency department confirmed to EFE that after the cracks appeared, the city’s architect worked with the Fire Brigade’s Collapsed Structures Group to inspect the building and council staff had to evacuate the site. It was determined that there was.

On February 6, a building at Calle Canigo 9 in Badalona partially collapsed, killing three people and burying them under the rubble, and a week later necessitated the evacuation of Calle 7, which is adjacent to the collapsed building. It became. Cracks appeared on some floors. Therefore, today he has three buildings that had to be evacuated, including the one that collapsed.

Meanwhile, the City Council announced that Firefighters and City Engineers will re-inspect No. 11 after neighbors expressed “concerns about some cracks” during a meeting with Mayor Xavier García Albiol yesterday. reported that it was done. ”

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