Máximo Huerta became one of the most beloved faces of Ana Rosa’s programbut after a decade on Telecinco’s morning show, the journalist decided to leave in 2015.

The one who was minister of culture for a few days he gradually moved away from television after leaving the space of the veteran journalist, although he has been a presenter at the Benidorm Fest or different programs on À Punt, the Valencian regional television. But she currently takes care of her mother in her hometown, Buñol, while she also has her own bookstore, Doña Leo.

This Thursday, he surprised by reappearing on Telecinco, specifically in the new Ana Rosa format, AfternoonAR. After almost ten years since his departure from the presenter’s morning show, the Valencian has experienced an exciting reunion with Quintana.

Ana Rosa Quintana and Sonsoles Ónega, in archive images.

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He infoshow of Telecinco is part of the promotional tour for the latest novel by Máximo Huerta, Paris woke up late and, as soon as he entered the set, the writer and Ana Rosa have given each other a big hug and two kisses with love.

Thus, the driver of AfternoonAR she has been nostalgic: “What a good couple we made and what a good trio we had with Joaquín (Prat). “And what two hunks he had at his side,” Ana Rosa joked. Máximo did not take long to enter the journalist’s game: “You fed us well.”

Although the writer has made it clear that television was a very important part of his professional career, he has been very happy with his life away from the spotlight and taking care of his mother: “In Buñol I feel very lovedwrapped up, and that makes you feel very good.

The reason for Máxim Huerta’s departure from ‘AR’

It is worth remembering that Màxim Huerta decided to leave Ana Rosa’s program “out of respect for the audience”, as he declared at the time in the program Deluxewell It wasn’t “one hundred percent” right.. “My head was already somewhere else,” said the writer.