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Everything seems to indicate that in the building that caught fire in Valencia, the material used to insulate the facade acted as an unstoppable fuse. The first question is how can highly flammable materials be tolerated at the end of a continuous facade? You believed that everything that influenced architecture was subject to strict control and testing, but one day you realized that your house looked like the one in the story of The Three Little Pigs. I noticed that it is very fragile. We understand that a combination of environmental factors accelerated the combustion in the accident at the site near Campanard, but the tragedy could have been avoided without accelerants such as synthetic panels. I think it’s time to right the wrong, even retroactively, and force the use of fire-resistant materials in buildings.

“Gonzalo” by Miguel Renedo. Logrono

Badajoz, an underrated city

I live in Paris, but every time I go back to Spain for vacation, one of my favorite things to do is walk through the streets of Badajoz. And while observing the unique buildings of the old town, you will realize how much and how much this city is underrated, despite being a city with a lot of potential, with an interesting Andalusian heritage and a rich heritage. Think about what you don’t know. Vast citadels, beautiful squares, various exhibition spaces, corners that transport us through past centuries or sublime towers such as the Giralda. Perhaps we didn’t know how to sell it enough for many years.

Miguel Pozo Merino. (Paris, France)

Let’s follow traffic rules

The other day, I saw someone riding a scooter while obeying traffic rules and common sense. I tried to stop him to bless him. This is because there are many people who use these vehicles and violate the rules. The vehicle travels in a direction where traffic is prohibited in a pedestrian-only area, with two occupants riding in it without any protection (even an adult with a minor), and with excessive safety. The car is running. Speed… Yes We hope that the number of accidents caused by scooters will not increase. Competent authorities should take this issue more seriously.

Jose Miguel Grandal Lopez. Los Alcazares (Murcia)

the strongest law

There is currently a lot of talk about “resilient” occupational profiles. This is a word that probably came from an engineering context and was suddenly adopted to define the qualities of people. The internet says, “Resilience is the ability to adapt to difficult situations.” Well, sometimes you just have to adapt no matter what. Otherwise it’s bad. Facing a lion, diving into the unknown, or diving into quicksand seems like a positive thing if you have someone or something pushing you from behind and you can survive. Wouldn’t it be better to make things a little easier and adapt to the person? There’s more mechanics, more empathy, and less combat, as you don’t seem to get any rewards unless you go through minefields.

Belinda Peras. Gardacao (Vizcaya)

Source: Elpais



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